Shortly after the birth of my daughter I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder. This was a period that should have been spent creating a safe, nurturing environment for my new family – instead it was consumed by an increasingly desperate search for relief.

This new phase of anxiety was like nothing I had experienced before. I became agoraphobic to the point where I was unable to go to the supermarket, use public transport or drive a car. I quit my job of ten years and began seeing a cognitive behavioural therapist, a psychologist and a GP. I was proscribed Valium, Ativan and Temazepam; all of which had side effects which rendered any momentary relief redundant (Headaches, nausea, fatigue, mood swings, depression).
Initially I was apprehensive about trying Cannabinoids, I’d never had a positive experience using marijuana recreationally and feared that CBD would exacerbate my negative symptoms. Desperation prevailed and I began taking one drop in the morning and one in the afternoon along with daily exercise and meditation.

 Over the course of a few week’s I noticed my general anxiety decrease, the moments of relief were deeper and more frequent. Gradually I was able to integrate some of the triggering activities that I’d ruled out back into my life. I was able to regain confidence and autonomy over my life without feeling sedated or altered. I believe that CBD has been a key element in my recovery process.