We have a largely non-verbal son on the autism spectrum who at 18 was having a few different types of seizures up to 15 times a day. He doesn’t know what’s happening to him and can’t tell us how he feels. The guys worked with us to develop a CBD mixture that changed our lives.
The Myoclonic seizures disappeared within 24 hours of the first intake and the absience seizures backed right off. We got our beautiful boy back. Pre CBD, he was spending 95% of his waking hours in bed. With the CBD mixture he started coming out to sit with us and interact. A little health hiccup 2 months in saw us stop using the CBD … within 24 hours the myoclonic and absience seizures returned and he retreated into himself … and bed.
We waited 3 weeks and resumed the CBD. Same reaction, within 24 hours he was back, again calmer and more in control. But perhaps the biggest impact we’ve seen with CBD is during and post Tonic Clonic seizures. From 30 minutes on the floor, then getting him back to bed and sleeping for up to 24 hours only to wake up looking like he’d been in a boxing ring, we now give him the CBD mixture mid seizure. He is generally able to walk himself back to bed within 10ish minutes, a short nap of 2-5 hours and he’s bouncing around again.
We cannot say enough good things about how the guys took the time to understand our beautiful boy, and then worked with us to get to where we are now.
Thank you.