Product Usage

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If you store your CBD Oil in the fridge your CBD will last for months after opening. Exposing it to heat or direct sunlight for a prolonged time it’s potency may reduce. For this reason we send out all our bottles express so that it stays the least amount of time in transit.


This depends on the strength of the CBD you order.

The following are the product strenghts being sold

  1. 500mg  CBD would offer you 10mg of CBD per 1 ml dose
  2. 1000mg CBD would offer you 20mg of CBD per 1ml dose
  3. 2000mg CBD would offer you 20mg of CBD per 1ml dose
  4. 3600mg CBD would offer you 36mg of CBD per 1ml close

You should always start with a low dose and gradually increase.

Start Low, Go Slow

Each person is different and the benefits of CBD are often subtle and hard to detect at first. Every human has a different physiological make up, that’s why the dosage can vary from person to person. In the end, you must discover your own dosing regimen by titrating (increasing slowly over time) up to the dosage where you get most relief. Generally, for most people, this is somewhere around 1ml three times a day.

Increase or reduce dosage as needed.


  • Start with 10mg CBD once a day
  • After 2-3 days, increase to 15mg  a day divided in 2 doses
  • After 4-5 days, increase to 20mg a day divided in 2 doses
  • After 5-6 days, increase to 30mg a day divided in 3 doses

If necessary, continue to titrate up to find the dosage where you get the most relief.  If you increase and after about a week you feel that not much additional relief is obtained, reduce back to your previous dose
This becomes your ‘maintenance’ dose.

If following the above this would mean

  • if purchased the 500mg = 1ml would give 10mg of CBD
  • if purchased the 1000mg = 0.5ml would give 10mg of CBD
  • if purchased the 2000mg = .05ml would give 10mg of CBD
  • if purchased the  3600mg = 0.3ml would give approx 12mg CBD

Your own research may suggest a different CBD mg requirement per day which can be catered for by getting the appropriate CBD potency from our shop.


We recommend placing CBD oil under the tongue and holding it there for 1-2 minutes.  This gives you the maximum absorption through the capillaries in the mouth (sublingual absorption).

If you just swallow CBD Oil you may have less absorption since it will be broken down by the acids in your stomach or metabolised by your liver.

Swallowing CBD Oil can leave a harsh taste at the back of your throat. By holding it under the tongue and letting it absorb gradually you can minimise this. If you find the taste harsh, follow it with a light, fatty snack, such as a cheese or buttered cracker.


We advise not to take CBD when pregnant. This is more as a precaution and your decision should always be made with the advice of a qualified medical practitioner.


When you are drug tested at work they use a urine sample to check for the presence of THC metabolites. (Tetrahyrdocannabinol)In a roadside test it is a buccal swab and if failed a blood test is used to determine the presence of THC metabolites.

THC-COOH, and THC-11-oic acid are formed in the liver after the body has consumed cannabis and it is these chemicals that are tested when you go for a blood or urine test. THC-COOH doesn’t have much cross reactivity to the other non psychoactive cannabinoids such as CBD.

If you are taking whole plant hemp oil,there are small amounts  of THC that could build up in your system. Due to differing body weight, metabolic rate and other factors it is possible that cbd oil containing as little as 0.02% THC could show up in swabs, blood or urinalysis.  Customers must determine for themselves if the requirement for CBD outweighs this possibility.  We will soon be introducing a pure CBD product which will negate this concern.