About Hemp Healing

Our provider, Endoca, has been influential in the development of CBD and making it available to patients worldwide from 2006. The potential health benefits it offers has been and continues to be our driving force every day. Our main concern and aim are to make the world a better place by providing care and good health. We are known for and proud of our high standards, in quality, safety and service.

We are aware that the legal status of CBD oil in Australia remains a grey area and there are many unanswered questions. Many governments around the world still do not acknowledge the potential of hemp and cannabis as medicine with life changing benefits. We, as a grass-roots service-based movement, are attempting to change this.

Our team is dedicated to your care and has extensive knowledge in CBD oil however we are not doctors, nor APRA registered health care practitioners, and legally cannot offer any serious medical advice for specific ailments. We can however guide you, based on the thousands of patient experiences shared with us over the years. We can also point you to resources where you can do your own research or help to find a health practitioner with the knowledge and experience you may need.

Yours in good health!