100% Organic

Our products are grown on 100% organically certified land

What could be better than organic?
At Hemp Healing we use only CBD products grown on certified organic land, this extends to processing the low thc high CBD hemp / medical cannabis oils in an organic certified production facility.

So why do we go to a company like Endoca that go that extra organic mile when so many CBD or medical cannabis oil providers and producers do not? As a supplier to Drs, hospitals and being also a producer of pharmaceutical grade products, we have very strict quality control during the whole production process and guarantee this to those in need of highest assurances of quality.

So ,we have created a new organic standard!
We have called our CBD extract standard 100% organic, because that’s what it is .There are no chemicals used period,. Therefore we have created a new logo – 100% organic.

Many Governments around the world still do not even accept hemp oil as food let alone accepting fully the potential of hemp and cannabis life changing benefits . As a result they do everything they can not to change laws and give certification to growers and producers.this has proven to be the case in many cases where production methods comply with the highest standards.

The Organic certification hoax
Its a sad fact that these days buying products with organic certification certainly does not guarantee you there are not many so called “safer” chemicals still used so they’re not actually 100% organic. Very few people know there are laws that allow the so called “organic’ products many companies make of many different food and medicines can be grown using some very questionable chemicals and the final product is often mixed with inorganic compounds .there are differing percentages that are accepted in different industries and countries.


Governments have failed to provide adequate care for medical hemp and cannabis oil patients who are sick to death of waiting for change.


Just as most governments have failed to protect the human right to access medical cannabis , there is in most countries failure at every level to create a system in which the food chain is protected.

The solution is simple. You have to trust the farmer and choose produce grown with assurances and research research research!.

In the end, no matter what logos and paperwork people have, the choice is yours who to trust for your best assistance in all aspects of your health and if the assurances offered are real .

Your trust is appreciated
Endoca has been producing hemp extracts for over 10 years and helping people and companies such as Community Base Dispensary and Hemp Healing to help you . We consider ourselves to be more of a grassroots service based movement than a business.Uur main concern and aim is to make the world a better place and give care in the absence of its due. We are known for our high standards and will continue to keep them. In that you can trust.