All Hemphealing products are GMP certified

Community Base Dispensary( Endoca white labelled )whole plant CBD products are all organically produced.They are aquainted with the entire process from seed to sale. With highest standard GMP manufacturing processes the whole way, we are proud to say that our CBD oil and paste products are the highest quality the world has to offer. We offer full transparency and back up our claims with facts and care not hype and greed.

The low THC hemp /cannabis used is grown organically in Denmark, a country renowned for high standards,soil quality and exceedingly low levels of environmental pollution.We are as different as night and day from many unscrupulous manufacturers who source their hemp from China or make their CBD products from the leftovers of the hemp fibre industry which are not grown to organic standards.

Endoca has been influential in the development and making CBD available to patients worldwide from 2006 when no one had even heard of CBD or thought it was a place in the middle of town! the potential health benefits it gives has been and continues to be our driving force everyday. Endoca has been the premier pioneer in CBD extraction and Co2 purification. They lead and other companies follow.

Endoca is GMP certified. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) ensures that products are produced according to best quality standards. This minimizes risks involved for any pharmaceutical standard product preparation that cannot otherwise be eliminated through testing the final product.

Many CBD companies, CBD manufactures and CBD distributors are links in a long chain they cannot trace properly. They might buy their plants from a grower or before production or they buy their CBD oil in bulk from a bigger company and then rebrand it as their own. This can be a danger for you as a consumer since the companies selling the product can’t guarantee the whole manufacturing process of their products.Some second party companies however ,have assured themselves of their product by purchasing direct from Endoca and white labelling with their own brand.Community Base Dispensary are one such service based company who have been helping Australians from the beginning.

If second party producers don’t follow the necessary GMP precautions when handling their CBD oil ,contamination can easily occur as they transfer the product from one container to another during repackaging process.Community Base Dispensary sterilise and clean of industrial residues, including all packaging ,equipment and utensils on each and every production run.